Anxiety disorder test

Anxiety disorder test

Have you ever wondered if having sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, or jittery feeling may be indication of a possible anxiety disorder? It is a better idea to inspect the possible anxiety problems before they can actually overtake you and will force you to seek more advanced forms of treatment.

What you will find are helpful twenty statement test which will determine if whether or not, you are an anxiety sufferer. If any one of these statements will be applicable to you, then you can probably be at risk of developing an anxiety disorder. 

Carefully read every statement and then ask yourself if it is applicable to you. As soon as you are done reading all these statements, continue reading so that you will see what you can do best in dealing with any kinds of problems which you may be experiencing.

  •     I have the tendency to become easily upset over events which are occurring in my life.
  •     I frequently feel fearful without any reason at all.
  •     I often experience diarrhea, constipation and other problems of the digestive system.
  •     Sometimes, I experience shortness of breath or have the choking feeling.
  •     Oftentimes, my muscles will tense up, ache or become painful.
  •     I have fear for crowds, being alone, on tight quarters, strangers or the traffic.
  •     At times, I feel very exhausted or like any movement I do is useless.
  •     I simply become agitated or irritated.
  •     Sometimes, I faint or pass out.
  •     Iam predisposed to focusing heavily on things which I have not accomplished.
  •     Oftentimes, I have sweaty, cold or clammy hands.
  •     I am extremely unsatisfied with my development as an individual.
  •     I have difficulty sleeping at night.
  •     I have fear of what the future will hold for me.
  •     I experience numbness or tingling sensation in all the extremities.
  •     I do have trouble in focusing or remembering a lot of things.
  •     I am capable of processing a problem for many hours but, I will not get anywhere when it    comes to the solutions.
  •     I often have heart palpitations or irregular heartbeats.
  •     Oftentimes, I would visit the restroom because I have difficulty in controlling my bladder.
  •     I experience nightmares and feel that I am starting to lose control.

When you realize that you agree with one or several of these statements, it does not automatically mean that you are already an anxiety sufferer. For example, you might just be having a temporary short period of manageable fears around certain upcoming event or instance in your life. Nonetheless, if you agree to some of these statements, then perhaps, you may be suffering from a more severe kind of anxiety disorder.

here are lots of ways to deal with the anxiety symptoms and keep them from having negative effects on your productivity and happiness. There are several people who find natural remedies very useful while there are also some who rely much on the conventional prescription medications for the treatment. 

Anxiety symptoms have a lot of forms and will differ significantly from an individual to another. But the common thread is that all kinds of anxiety arise from unproven or overhyped fears. In order to eliminate the anxiety symptoms effectively and more permanently, it is important that you should first remove these unsubstantiated fears.

**Always Try To Reach Psychologist..It’s Never Been Wrong**

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