Stop anxiety

Stop anxiety

To be able to understand how to stop anxiety is just like to understand how to ride a bicycle. At first, this may be a little bit difficult, but as soon as you learn how to train yourself in doing it, it will just turn out to be a second nature.

There are three immediate ways in stopping or at least lessening the anxiety as you feel it has started to build up. I do have long term solutions regarding anxiety cures in the other articles I have which are also published here. You might as well take some time to look at them if you can.

Now, let us proceed to the tips…

1. Try to learn how to breathe.

I know this may sound very simple. Furthermore, I am also aware that it may be silly to perform this kind of exercise. This is what I experienced the first time I tried it. However, you know what? This is really valuable. I was astonished with how effective it can be and I am sure you will be as well.

This is how to perform it.  Lots of people even the individuals who do not suffer from anxiety are likely to be shallow breathers. However, as you begin to become anxious, everything will tighten up and your breathing will certainly start to become extremely shallow. This will merely make the anxiety more worse. Pay very close attention to how you are breathing when you think you begin to feel the anxiety rise from within. Make your breathing very deeply as well as very slowly.

2.Ensure to train your mind.

I am aware that I am not telling you things which you do not know by now when I say that thoughts that you have are actually the reasons for your anxiety. More often than not, it will all be negative self talk or irrational self talk which can often be similar things that will primarily lead you to spiral down to the anxiety trap.

As acknowledgement, to learn to train your mind in order not to go down to this direction in the first place is not a thing which you will learn how to do only within 2 minutes. Nonetheless, simply asking yourself with the question, “Is what I am feeling at this time unbelievable?” is what I found out to be an effective method in doing this.

For example, it is in social situation which triggers you to have anxiety. Perhaps you will have irrational fear that all the people are looking at you, conversing about you or possibly, judging you.

If this will happen, try to ask yourself if this really is true. Or you can ask yourself if this is truly what is happening now. Most of the time, you will discover that the answers to these questions are actually no. If it is the sense of dread which begins to give rise to anxiety, you need to ask yourself if how possible the dreadful occurrence which you are imagining will really happen.

More often than not, you will wind up telling yourself that not only this is not to be expected, but this is practically impossible to occur because you are just imagining.Simply by understanding this will oftentimes be helpful in making you feel better all at once.

3. Do you think anxiety is serving you?

This is associated with what has previously been mentioned above. Anxiety is actually a valuable response. It will warn people of danger and will inform us to elude things which might hurt us. But if individuals like us will have an anxiety problem, this is basically the valuable instinct that has gone out of control.

This will simply mean that this type of anxiety does not serve us right in the first place. If you are able to make yourself come to realize about this, you can possibly be able to begin to overcome it.

What you really need is to truly ask yourself—really ask yourself if this anxiety which you are feeling right now is providing you with a purpose. Does it serve you well?Is it helpful to you? Most likely, the answers to these questions are no.

In reality, you will perhaps realize that rather than worrying regarding whatever thing that is making you worry, the good choice you must take is to take action with whatever it is that has bothered you.

This is what I mean…

For instance, if your anxiety is the result of fear of not having sufficient money to be able to pay your bills, then rather than giving in to the anxiety, you might as well begin to take action so that you can bring more cash to your life.

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