can pmo cause anxiety

Does PMO cause anxiety ? (Research)

Many people who practise nofap claim to have had social anxiety when they were PMOing excessively, and that their social anxiety vanished when they began following the nofap lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll look at whether PMO (P*rn, Masturbation, orgasm) causes social anxiety and whether doing nofap can help with it.

Is PMO Related to Social Anxiety?

Yes, too much PMO can cause social anxiety. It has affected thousands of people all over the world. You won’t want to talk to anyone, not even your family. You’ll begin to avoid social gatherings, and even the thought of conversing with someone will make you nervous.

When you’re out in public, your heart rate will pick up. All of these are undeniably signs of social anxiety. Your self-esteem and confidence will suffer as a result. Excessive PMO will render you a lifeless zombie.

The study found that adolescents with higher degrees of social interaction and bonding were not as likely to consume sexually explicit material as were their less social peers (Mesch, 2009). Additionally, Mesch found that greater quantities of p*rnography consumption were significantly correlated with lower degrees of social integration, specifically related to religion, school, society, and family. The study also found a statistically significant relationship between p*rnography consumption and aggressiveness in school.

Excessive PMO will not only make you socially anxious, but it will also make you depressed and cause brain fog. It will have a negative impact on your mental health.

Many people who PMO’ed excessively claimed that PMO sapped all of their motivation. They didn’t want to do anything but lie in their bed and watch P*rn and Masturbation. They didn’t want to go outside, they didn’t want to talk to anyone, and they were extremely nervous around other people.

When you give in to the urge to watch p*rnography on a regular basis, you lose your ability to resist temptation.

When your brain becomes increasingly focused on the things you find delightful, the discipline to resist such gratification is gradually underestimated.

It’s no surprise that p*rn addicts are likely to fail miserably in other aspects of their lives. P*rnography, on the other hand, almost always necessitates solitude. Anything a person does in private frequently causes embarrassment.

One of the first consequences of watching p*rn for men and women, especially young people, is social awkwardness in public, which, ironically, leads to more guilt and concealment.

PDF Helpful reference :  A PDF with many accounts of social anxiety improving after quitting p*rn

Does PMO cause anxiety ?

The relationship between PMO (Pornography, Masturbation, and Orgasm) and anxiety is complex and not fully understood. Some studies have shown that excessive consumption of porn and frequent masturbation can lead to anxiety and other mental health issues.

However, it’s important to note that this does not apply to all individuals and other factors, such as genetics and life circumstances, can also contribute to anxiety.

Additionally, it’s also possible that individuals with anxiety are more likely to engage in PMO as a coping mechanism. In conclusion, while PMO can be a factor in the development of anxiety, it’s not a definite cause, and it’s essential to consider the individual’s unique circumstances.

What Causes Social Anxiety in PMO?

Excessive PMO, like depression, causes social anxiety by desensitising your dopamine receptors. Anxiety and depression are linked, and people frequently experience both at the same time.

When you engage in PMO, your brain produces a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical that gives you a sense of pleasure, which is why PMO feels so good.

Because of the large amount of dopamine released by PMO, your dopamine receptors become desensitised, requiring more dopamine to provide the same pleasure as before.

As a result, activities that do not provide the same level of dopamine as p*rn and masturbation cease to be pleasurable and you lose interest in them.

Because socialising and talking to people do not produce as much dopamine as p*rn and masturbation, you lose interest and begin to prefer p*rn and masturbation over socialising and talking to people.

Not only that, but you begin to lose interest in other activities such as working, exercising, studying, and so on because these activities do not produce the same level of dopamine as p*rn and masturbation.

You will also notice that you are unable to converse confidently with others. You won’t be able to maintain eye contact with others while conversing with them. When you engage in excessive PMO, your self-esteem and confidence suffer.

You’ll also begin to see women as sex objects. The first thing that comes to mind when you see a woman is having sex with her. As a result, you won’t be able to talk to a woman because all you’ll be thinking about is having sex with her.

Will Stoping PMP Help You Overcome Your Social Anxiety?

Remember that excessive PMO is not the only cause of social anxiety. Genetics, family conflict, trauma, abuse, and other factors can all contribute to social anxiety. If excessive PMO isn’t the cause of your social anxiety, nofap won’t be of much help.

If you are prone to PMO and suffer from social anxiety, the first thing you should do is abstain from p*rn and masturbation and observe the difference. If PMO was the cause of your social anxiety, you should notice an improvement within 30 days of starting nofap. If you do not notice any improvement in your social anxiety within 30 days of starting nofap, you should see a mental health professional.

Students who did not participate in either online sexual activity were more satisfied with their offline life and more connected to friends and family. Those who engaged in both online sexual activities were more dependent on the Internet and reported lower offline functioning.(Sudy Source)

Despite students’ common participation in online sexual activities (OSA) as a venue for social and sexual development, those relying on the Internet and the affiliations it provides appear at risk of decreased social integration.(Source).

Although most individuals utilize the Internet for occupational, educational, recreational, and shopping purposes, a sizable male minority exists, known as Cybersex compulsives and at-risk users, who invest an inordinate amount of their time, money, and energy in the pursuit of Cybersex experiences with negative intrapersonal ramifications in terms of depression, anxiety, and problems with felt intimacy with their real-life partners. (2005 Study)


Excessive p*rn and masturbation causes social anxiety by desensitising your dopamine receptors. Giving up p*rn and masturbation (doing nofap) can reverse the damage by reactivating your dopamine receptors.

Excessive PMO not only causes social anxiety, but it also causes depression and brain fog. It is detrimental to your mental health.

If you’re experiencing social anxiety because of excessive PMO, try giving up PMO for a month and see what happens.

If your social anxiety was caused by an overabundance of PMO, you should notice an improvement within a month. If you don’t notice any improvements after a month, your social anxiety is most likely not caused by excessive PMO, and you should see a mental health professional.

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